Color Cuisine Services

Personal Chef

Are you a busy professional? Have a restricted diet?  Want to change your health and don't know where to start? I can create personalized meal plans and cook a week's worth of food for you and your family right in your home.  This is perfect for new Moms and Dads,  those recovering or suffering from illnesses, or those with an active and busy lifestyle.  Eat highly nutritious and delicious food in the comfort of your home for the same price as eating at a restaurant.  I base meals off of your needs and preferences.

Diet Planning

Do you want to transform your health?  Do you have digestive issues or are overweight?  Are you looking for a healthy change and need someone to help you set a plan?  I will help you find the optimal diet personalized just for you.  You are what you eat, or more appropriately, you eat what you are.  Perhaps subtle shifts in your diet can make all the difference in your overall wellbeing.  Through a thorough body evaluation we can determine the perfect diet for you. 



Want to make that special event perfect?  Want to provide organic delicious food that doesn't break the bank and everyone will love? I can offer a wide variety of entrees appropriate for any occasion.  I will cater up to 200 meals for your holiday party, wedding, shower, business lunch or dinner event.

Shopping Classes

Would you like to know how to choose the right food to buy for optimal health?  Would you like to find out how to navigate through the hype of food claims and obscure ingredient labels? Learn how to shop for the right foods and avoid all the junk. Better choices for your health and your family is easier than you think. Let me guide you through healthy grocery shopping and still eat the types of foods you love.  Receive a custom pantry list for you to keep on hand.

Cooking Classes

Do you know the food you should be eating but haven't a clue how to deliciously prepare them?  Would you like to add more healthy menu items to your repertoire?  Learn an array of cooking techniques to help you in the kitchen.  Classes range from gluten-free cooking, yummy hearty soups, ethnic foods, healthy holiday cooking and many more.


Are you looking for a change to your health and need a kick start?  Did you know that nearly all of us build up waste in our body such as intestinal plaque, gallstones and skin toxins?  The environmental toxins of modern-day life including pollutants, chemicals and other synthetic substances are more than the average body can handle.  I can help you develop short or long term diets to help clear you body of these toxic build ups.  These substances left to linger over time can do lasting damage.  Find out how you can look and feel better through annual or semiannual detoxification plans.

Additional Services

Food Intolerances, Food Allergies, Evaluation & Body Typing