Providing nutrient dense and delicious food for you
in your home or for any type of occasion.


Personal chef

Want to change your health and don't know where to start? I can cook a week's worth of food for you and your family right in your home.


Want to make your special event perfect?...with organic delicious food that  everyone will love?  I offer a wide variety of entrees appropriate for any occasion.


meal planning

Are you looking for a healthy change and need someone to help you set a plan?  I will help you find the optimal diet personalized just for you.

Color Cuisine focuses on providing an array of the freshest seasonal, regional, natural foods. As a natural foods chef, it is my purpose to prepare nutrient dense foods in a way that suits the body best for balance, harmony, energy and optimal health. Each vibrant array of color found in my beautifully prepared food relates to a spectrum of nutrients that the body needs for optimal health.  I am experienced with a variety of diets; vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, kosher, allergy-restricted or any specific diet you may have. It's my goal to provide you with an assortment of flavors and colors that we know your taste buds will enjoy.